British Shorthair Cat Trees

The British Shorthair is one of our favourite breeds here at Bold Paw!

Being a British company we do have a slight bias towards this magically large breed..

There are many important things to consider when purchasing a cat tree for a British shorthair breed.

Firstly, finding a product that is strong and stable should be the number one priority and this is exactly why we have developed our exclusive Bold Paw range.

Our cat trees have been carefully developed over the last few years to ensure that they have maximum stability and maximum strength.

Our products are 30% stronger than fabric covered alternatives due to our luxurious and beautifully finished melamine coating.

One gripe that many cat owners of the British shorthair constantly come to us about is that the fierce talons of a British shorthair can quite easily rip the fabric that is often covered on the MDF board of many alternative at trees.

Bold Paw is unique in the fact that every part of our product has been given a fully scratch proof and splash-proof coating that adds even more stability and strength of the product whilst also keeping it looking fresh, modern and sleek in their appearance

Our strong and robust pillows have been added for extra comfort so now your cat is able to relax on every level of the product and not just the parts of the cat tree that include the pillows for example.

Make no mistake, when a British shorthair is not running around climbing and playing, there is nothing more that they like than putting their paws up and getting a long snooze..

Each of our pillows have been developed to provide a different feel for your cat so that they always have the option of a harder or softer sleeping experience as they choose.

Investing in a proper specially made cat tree for your British Shorthair is incredibly important as these cats have been known to easily topple cheap and (un)cheerful products that can be found online.

All of our Bold Paw cat trees come with a two year guarantee as we are so confident that our products are able to stand up to a British shorthair no matter what size they are..

See our amazing selection of British Shorthair cat trees below and order today!

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