Maine Coon Cat Trees

The Main Coon is fast becoming one of the most popular large cat breeds, not just in the UK but across Europe and the rest of the world as well.

These majestic large cats are beautifully natured and can be highly energetic.

However, this magnificent breed has been known to cause many problems for cat owners when it comes to purchasing suitable products for them to scratch and play.

Bold Paw have developed the very strongest and the very best cat trees which have been made specifically for the Maine Coon breed.

Our products are unique as they use only the very thickest 8mm sisal rope and use the largest diameter scratching tubes available on the market at 20 cm in diameter.

This is a combination that guarantees maximum strength and stability on the cat tree for your Maine Coon.

If you have a Maine Coon with a big personality, then it’s highly likely that they will require a cat tree with an equal levels of personality as well!

Bold Paw cat trees are both stylish and incredibly practical for cat owners as well as they can be very easily cleaned and the replaceable cushions can be changed to match your preference of colour as well.

Look at our amazing Maine Coon cat trees below

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Maine Coon Breed Info

Maine Coons are absolutely beautiful and majestic creatures that are recognisable as the largest breed of domestic cats.

These cats have very strong and muscular frames and a very heavy body! Cat owners who are lucky enough to own a Maine Coon recognise their body shape as being quite rectangular and more broad than smaller cats,

One thing that is instantly recognisable and iconic about the Maine Coon is there a bushy tails which have regularly been described and compared to raccoons or squirrels.

Most Maine Coons have long-haired coats which are very soft and smooth, however characteristics differ between coat colors.

The length of a Maine Coon’s hair varies in length and their coats are generally considered to be easy to maintain. One thing to note is that molting will occur during the warmer months!

The main coon is quite possibly one of the most popular domesticated large breed not just in the UK but across Europe and worldwide as well.

This is what makes our cat trees so popular as they have been tailored specifically for this wonderful and magnificent creature.


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